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Serving the First Coast since 1992

The Medical Update Show appears weekly on the Comcast Local Public Access Network. The show is a provided as a public service of Comcast Cable. Comcast does not endorse nor approve the content of the Medical Update show.

The Medical Update show airs every Wednesday night at 10:30 PM on Comcast channel 99 in and around Jacksonville Florida. The show is 30 minutes in length and contains no commercials.

The subjects and the guests are selected by the Producer of the show. The Medical Update show does not approve or verify the content or information that guests on the show share for accuracy or completeness. All information is provided for educational purposes only. We encourage our viewers to verify all information that is shared on the show.

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Share Your Ideas or Story

Medical Update exists for residents of the First Coast. We are here for you! Send us your story and ideas.

  • Physicians who want to help educate our community about a particular illness or health opportunity
  • Provider Associations and Physician Medical Societies
  • Community health associations, foundations and organizations helping First Coast residents
  • Patients with challenges accessing care or affording it
  • Patient or Providers who have a healthcare story to share that impacts others
  • Ideas about those who should be recognized for their work in our health care community

Producer and Host

Walt Culbertson is a 35-year veteran with recognized work in health care privacy, security, technology, and operations spanning all major facets of the health care industry. He is a keynote and featured speaker at Industry conferences, forums, summits, and events. Prior to hosting Medical Update, Walt was the Producer for over 5 years and also a frequent guest on the show with over 25 appearances since 2001.
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